Family Practice Physician

Family Physician In Red Bluff

Katherine Herring, MD

Dr. Katherine Herring is a Board Certified Family Physician. She graduated with a medical degree at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas and completed her Family Medicine residency program at UTMB in Galveston, Texas.

Prior to arriving at Lassen Medical Clinic, she served 18 years at a small private clinic in Alvin, Texas located between Houston and Galveston. Dr. Herring’s interests include running, hiking, kayaking, gardening and writing.

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More About Dr. Herring:
Family Practice Physician

Joined Lassen Medical Clinic:

  • January 2018


  • Bachelor of Science, Biology with minor in Chemistry, University of Houston, 1990
  • M.D. Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • M.D. Family Medicine Residency Program, The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Current Associations/Affiliations:

  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • Texas Academy of Family Physician
  • Texas Medical Association

Current And Recent Leadership Roles:

  • OPCO (Operations Company) board member at local hospital
  • UMQM (Utilization Management Quality Management) for major insurance plan
  • Key note physician overseeing four local primary care physicians for major insurance plan
  • Member of IMP (Inpatient Manager) community to manage and reduce admissions
  • Board Member for major advantage plan

Personal Interests:

  • Running, hiking, kayaking, photography, painting, gardening, writing and dogs