Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Kanbar-Agha specializes in Internal Medicine. Faisal Kanbar-Agha, MD

I believe that the greatest satisfaction is when you are able to help others by not only making their life happier, but healthier. Practicing medicine gives me this satisfaction.

After completing medical school in Baghdad, I moved to the United States. I lived in Houston, Texas for 6 years, and then relocated to Detroit, Michigan for another 6 years, where I finished my Internal Medicine Residency at Wayne State University at the Detroit Medical Center.

During my journey to become a doctor, I gained experience through working a variety of jobs. These include being a cashier, pharmacy technician, medical and legal interpreter, medical advisor, and working on quality improvement projects. Another accomplishment of mine is the research that I have completed, and included in 3 different publications.

I now live in Redding, CA, where I enjoy the outdoors, friends, sports, and food with the company of my best friend: my dog. I work so hard, so that my dog can have a better life. I look forward to serving this community in this beautiful area!