Family Practice Physician

Abhishek Chhabra, MD

Abhishek Chhabra, MD

I have always been passionate about primary care Рtaking care of my patients with a focus on the improving their quality of health, as ultimately it will reflect on their quality of life. Following this passion that brought me here has been an awesome journey.

India is my motherland and heritage, but Canada is where I was raised and did most of my schooling. I returned to India for medical school, and decided to continue my international training with a residency in United States. The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi, is where I trained in Family Medicine.

Mississippi is also where I met my wife, Khyati, who is a sweet Southern Belle. She is also responsible for creating the foodie in me. We enjoy trying new cuisines, cooking biryani, and baking desserts. During spare time, you can find me exploring California and biking through the trails with our dog, Lucky.

Overall, I am thankful that life has brought me this opportunity to follow my primary care passion here. I am really excited to be part of the Red Oaks Medical Group and am looking forward to working with such a fantastic team of practitioners!