Family Practice Physician

Family Practice Physician In Red Bluff

Maura Buckley, PA-C

General Surgery

McKay-Dee Hospital Ogden,UT
Robert Moesinger, MD May 23, 2016 -July 1, 2016

  • Observed and assisted in a variety of surgeries:
    • General: cholecystectomy, loop ileostomy, colostomy take down, Nissan & Dor fundoplication, hernia repairs, appendectomy
    • Ortho: total knee replacement, total knee repair, below the knee amputation, arthroscopy
    • Neuro: hematoma evacuation, pituitary microadenoma excision, transsphenoidal cerebrocele resection
    • ENT: adenoid & tonsillectomy, myringotomy, partial & total thyroidectomy, parotidectomy, septoplasty
    • GYN: endometriosis excision, total hysterectomy, bladder sling, ovarian cystectomy; using Da Vinci Surgical System
    • GU: lithotripsy, nephrectomy, varicocelectomy
    • Cardio: aortic valve replacement, 4 vessel cabbage
    • Plastics: DIEP flap, mastectomy with breast reconstruction
  • Attended weekly tumor board meetings with a team of surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, and oncologists.
  • Performed pre- and post-op patient evaluations and assessments.
  • Closed and dressed suture sites in collaboration with surgical techs
  • Helped nurses with pre/post-op moving and positioning of patients
  • Accomplishments included first and second assist, laparoscope and use of laparoscopic traction, JP drain placement
Family Medicine

Dr. Frank & Dr. McGuckin FM Sanford, ME
Stephanie Williams, PA-C July 4, 2016 -Aug. 12, 2016

  • Performed procedures such as: skin tag & seborrheic keratosis removal, cryotherapy, pap smears, and urine dips.
  • Completed focused H&Ps on follow-up/acute care visits, as well as comprehensive H&Ps on annual child and adult physicals.
  • Diagnosed and managed acute care visits for pneumonia, URls, acute asthma/COPD exacerbations, conjunctivitis, and vertigo.
  • Assisted nurses with EKG placement and interpretation.
  • Hand wrote exam in classic SOAP note style.
  • Shadowed Dr. Frank during local medical examiner case.
Emergency Medicine

Millinocket Regional Hospital Millinocket, ME
Doug Rhoda, PA-C
Aug. 22, 2016 -Sept.30, 2016

  • Individually performed detailed H&Ps on emergent, urgent, and nonĀ­emergent patients in a small rural emergency room.
  • Presented patient findings and assessments to attending clinicians and recommended laboratory or diagnostic imaging.
  • Reviewed x-ray and CT imaging of the chest, arm, leg, and abdominal, and brain. Documented findings using Meditech EMR.
  • Assessed and managed: OKA, chest pain, orbital cellulitis, pediatric fevers, elderly falls, stroke, and psychiatric conditions.
  • Performed procedures such as suturing, hip/shoulder reductions, IV placements, venipuncture, digital/dental blocks, foreign body removal, and ECG placement/interpretation.
  • Worked interprofessionally with radiology, laboratory, & nursing staff.