Mammography Technologist

Job Summary:

The Mammogram Technologist performs digital 3D Mammograms and schedule mammograms. Put in orders for providers with appropriate assessment. Use Mamm Stats for every mammogram patient. Track abnormal mammograms using Mamm Stats. Perform Quality Control in supervisor’s absence. Digitize mammograms and request prior mammograms from outside facilities. Perform all duties of X-Ray Technologist (please refer to X-Ray Technologist job description)

Performance Requirements:


  1. Use of Hologic Dimensions 3D mammography machine
  2. Mamm Stats
  3. Hologic film digitizer
  4. Burn CD’s
  5. Image Information Systems (PACS)
  6. Navigate EMR, One Point and Report Vault


  1. Ability to operate and perform digital mammograms with proper positioning and technique
  2. Navigate Mamm Stats (our computer tracking system for mammography)
  3. Good communication skills, team player
  4. Strong typing and computer application skills


  1. Ability to maintain basic emotional and social competencies to include self-awareness, motivation and social skills
  2. Strong communication skills
  3. A team player, role model
  4. Ability to multi task
  5. Empathetic to patient’s needs
  6. Ability to demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness as well as the ability to work independently
  7. Well organized
  8. Ability to adapt to changes is the work environment including schedule changes

Major Duties and Accountabilities:

  1. Able to operate and perform digital mammograms
  2. Track all mammograms in Mamm Stats
  3. Mail normal letters to patients
  4. Send out post cards for reminders
  5. Help with MQSA inspections
  6. Physicists inspections
  7. Troubleshoot basic mammogram machine problems
  8. Call for prior mammograms when needed
  9. Digitize mammograms
  10. Burn CD’s
  11. Mammography Quality Control
  12. Radiologist Monitors Q.C.

Position Competencies:

  1. Have a current license in State of California for mammography and radiography and radiography
  2. Competent in their ability to perform diagnostic quality mammograms and positioning techniques
  3. Knowledge of Mamm Stats
  4. Competence in PACS, EMR, Report Vault One Point
  5. Self-regulation and awareness

Job Qualifications:

Equipment operated: Hologic Dimensions 3D Digital mammography machine, PACS computer, Computer, Media writer, Phones, Digitizer, Scanner, Oxygen.

Education/Experience:  Current California State License in mammography C.R.T.; Current California State License in radiography C.R.T.; A.S. Degree in Radiology Technology

Physical: At times can be physically demanding. Must be able to stand, bend and squat for extended periods of time. Sit at a desk and use a computer. Transport patients (wheelchair patients)